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RoBIM Simulator

A robotic simulator for construction engineers to design, plan, and simulate robotic processes for the fabrication of building components.

Sim-To-Real Control

RoBIM Simulator provides a visual programming interface that can program a robot frame-by-frame through an animation-based timeline. AI-driven algorithms can automatically determine assembly sequences, identify collision-free paths, and generate robot control codes.

Now, more time can be spent on design and planning and less on coding.


Use Anywhere

RoBIM uses cloud technology to develop a robot planning simulation platform to achieve remote design, planning, and construction, and thus break the geographical restrictions of traditional construction industries.


Easy to Use

RoBIM provides an animation-based programming interface that allows the engineer to plan and control the robots. The engineer can focus on design, planning, and decision-making, rather than coding.

AI Planning

Fast Path Generation

RoBIM utilized AI-based algorithms to automatically (1) generate the robot trajectories according to the building design; (2) identify the assembly sequence; and (3) find collision-free paths.


More Efficient

RoBIM combines traditional construction know-how with the modern robotic technologies to provide an integrated solution for the robotic building prefabrication.

Dedicated Simulator Designed for Construction Engineers

Planning robots is a highly specialized skill that requires not only an understanding of robotics but also a substantial level of programming expertise. Training these new engineers represents a significant investment for stakeholders who want to introduce such technologies, potentially reducing their willingness to do so.

To bridge the gap between robotics and construction, RoBIM has spent the past five years developing a robotic simulator tailored for construction engineers.

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