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Robotics + Construction

RoBIM's Platform

RoBIM offers a platform of software, hardware and processes to replicate the design, simulation and fabrication of components using robotics and fabrication for commercial and residential construction.

Stage 1

Simulation software that imports BIM designs and, in a virtual environment, automates the creation of robotic processes for fabricating components used in construction.

Stage 2

Development and testing of physical fabrication processes to build these components when off-the-shelf solutions do not exist. These underlying capabilities are added to an ever- growing library of design and fabrication IP.

Stage 3

Full production lines for customer use near or on construction sites and for short-run fabrication services offered directly by RoBIM.

Stage 4

Multi-functional robotic fabrication modules that can be brought to or near construction sites that reduce the fixed costs of robotic fabrication and improve project logistics and scheduling.

Products & Services

Software & Services

RoBIM OS software suite to upload, simulate, plan, and fabricate construction components using RoBIM’s robotic fabrication system.

Automatically generates robotic programming codes.


Turnkey robotic fabrication lines for product sales and joint ventures

Production modules integrating multiple robotic capabilities to assemble or sub-assemble different types of construction components for resale.

Product Fabrication


Library of proprietary and non-proprietary robotic capabilities.

Utilize multi-functional robotic arms to fabricate assemblies & sub-assemblies for construction industry projects.

Integration Services


Scalable and mobile fabrication modules

Turnkey systems for fabrication off-site or on or near building sites

Fabrication Solutions


Comprehensive Robotic Fabrication Solutions

Panelized Building Exterior Retrofits

Commercial & Residential Buildings | Panelized Exterior Retrofits | Insulated Steel Stud Panels | Timber-Based Exterior Wall Panels

Light-Wood Wall Panel Assembly

Light-wood Wall Frames | Tailor-Made Robotic Capabilities | Interior Partition Walls | Duo-Head End-Effector for Gripping & Nailing Dimensional Lumber


Problem & Solution

Construction is a global trillion-dollar industry but facing many challenges. Labour shortages are widespread and getting worse due to demographics and margins are falling because of industry-wide inefficiencies and low technology adoption rates.

Yet, the demand for construction services is growing due to global trends such as urbanization and climate adaptation.  A multi-trillion dollar infrastructure gap is forecast in the coming decades as existing construction capacity cannot keep up with demand.

This is a growing global problem and RoBIM Technologies Inc. is providing a solution.


RoBIM is bringing robotics and automated fabrication capabilities to the construction site which will reduce the need for human labor; lower costs; and improve quality.

RoBIM’s solutions will drive industry-wide productivity gains and generate new value for contractors and project owners while making the industry more attractive to younger workers.

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