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A virtual environment to simulate, plan and control industrial robots

RoBIM UR package beta is now released

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What is RoBIM?

RoBIM is a robotics simulator that enables a prefabricated home builder to simulate, program, and control an industrial robot. It provides a virtual design and validation environment for linking a Building Information Modelling (BIM) model to a robot's control system. RoBIM users can simulate and control a robot with an animation-based tool rather than writing code.

3 cups


3 cups


Visual Programming Panel

Sequence Planning Panel

Main Scene



BIM Extractor

RoBIM can extract information from a BIM model and breakdown building components to assembly layout with the consideration of the robot's capabilities and building regulations.

Visual Programming

RoBIM provides an intuitive interface that allows the user to control the robot's IK and FK motions through a time-based animation tool.

Autonomous Planning

RoBIM can automatically generate an assembly plan through the combination of linear and p-p movements of the robot along with warnings for possible collisions.

Robot Control

RoBIM outputs useable robot codes of most brands of industrial robot arms so that the user can focus on the assembly planning, rather than programming.


2019 ISARC Hackathon Workshop @ U of Alberta

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