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Mechanical Desinger

Edmonton | Full Time | On-Site

The Career Opportunity

RoBIM is seeking to hire a Robotics & Construction Mechanical Designer for our core technical team. The successful candidate will collaborate with our current team to develop and integrate technologies to create robotic methods that will automate the fabrication of construction components. They will have primary responsibilities for designing, building and testing components that will be used in the robotic fabrication process.

Reporting to the Vice President – Robotics, the Mechanical Designer will be responsible for:

  • Robotic Capability Development:

    • Identify individual components (both custom and purchased) for developing hardware capabilities, including end-effectors, material handling systems, assembly jigs, and other required equipment for a robotic fabrication cell.

    • Design and 3D model custom hardware capabilities to be integrated into a robotic fabrication cell.

    • Develop, prototype, and evaluate custom equipment needed for a robotic fabrication cell by working closely with a technical team of engineers, designers, and developers.

    • Prepare purchase requests for equipment or special components.

  • Robotic System Integration & Test:

    • Wiring and installation of both custom and purchased hardware capabilities into a robotic fabrication cell that may include pneumatics, electrical, or hydraulics components.

    • Work closely with robotic team members to integrate and test hardware capabilities within our robotic control systems.

About You

The Basics
You’re a fit for this role if you:

  • Are able to legally work in Canada.

  • You possess the ability to travel to and from our fabrication facility in Nisku, Alberta.

  • Have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (a Mechanical or Construction specialization would be preferred).

  • Can provide professional certificates or auditable code that demonstrates your knowledge and experience with relevant software and robotic programming tools.

  • Bonus points if you have knowledge and experience in any of the following areas:

    • Construction Fabrication

    • Robotic Fabrication

    • Architecture/Engineering (related to parametric design and/or robotic fabrication)

    • Robot Brand Familiarity (ABB is our current main robot provider)

The Specifics

Technical Skills & Qualifications

We're looking for a professional with robust technical skills that encompass a variety of domains:

  • Design & Analysis: An important aspect of this role involves the design and analysis of various components and tools that are used in robotic fabrication:

    • Mechanical & Control System Design: design of components and tooling used in fabrication processes and understanding limitations of common fabrication methods (for example 3-D printing or CNC fabrication) and tying together mechanical control systems which integrate robotic fabrication and material handling systems.

    • Analysis: structural analysis of end effector tooling and structural components.

    • Modeling: creating models and testing parts based on real-world challenges.

    • Prototyping: skills and ability to build and test prototype parts to be fabricated based on specific customer and technical needs.

  • Software: Proficiency in design software tools such as SolidWorks and Fusion360.

  • Fabrication: Hands-on skills and experience building prototypes is a vital part of this role including having a basic knowledge of mechanical parts and materials used in fabrication; simple circuit wiring; solidate welding and familiarity with pneumatic systems and tube fittings.

  • Testing Prototypes: We are looking for a professional who understands and has experience with different testing methodologies as well as robotic equipment operation to test prototypes that will be transferred into volume fabrication projects.

Non-Technical Skills

Our Company expects that following non-technical skills from all of our team members:

  • Mindset: Possesses a mindset and soft skills that align with our innovative and dynamic start-up mandate, including:

    • Creative Thinker, Maker-Mentality & Open-Minded: Ability to translate an idea into business reality by embracing a hands-on, systems thinking approach to problem-solving and actively participating in all aspects of development within our start-up environment.

    • Adaptability: Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability and thrive in a fast-paced start-up where tasks will vary and responsibilities may evolve.

    • Self-Starter & Quick Learner: Works intuitively on tasks that drive the most value for a company operating in a fast-changing environment, comfortable rapidly solving problems and quickly turning around work tasks (and will complete projects in hours or days and not weeks or months).

    • Collaborative Spirit & Optimism: Fosters a collaborative spirit within the small team, openly shares ideas and insights and understands and acts upon the “art of the possible”.

    • Communicator: Excellent oral and written communication skills for proposal writing, summarization and reporting.

  • Flexibility & Agility: Ability to work in changing environments common with early-stage companies and global product launches as well as being comfortable working in different time zones and/or odd hours until the job gets done (this is not a 9 to 5 position).

  • Team & Customer Focused: The willingness and ability to contribute to all areas of a business to ensure “the job gets done” and to meet the needs of customers.


RoBIM offers a comprehensive compensation package (salary + benefits + opportunities for equity) along with a strong learning environment and the opportunity to apply leading edge technologies to real-world problems.

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