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End-to-end robotic solution for the construction industry

RoBIM Technologies Inc. is a Canadian early-stage venture at the intersection of construction and robotics.

RoBIM offers an end-to-end robotic solution to fabricate construction components on or near building sites and is at the leading edge of innovation in the construction sector. The company is focused on solving the problem of labour availability in the construction industry and improving productivity by reducing costs and shortening schedules through the use of robotics and automation.

RoBIM is developing a seamless solution that allows designers and engineers to upload a design into software that virtually simulates and optimizes a robotic fabrication process. This software then automatically generates robotic programming codes and components are fabricated at RoBIM’s production facility.

Our long-term vision is to bring multifunctional robotic fabrication modules to or near construction sites to lower fixed and capital costs and improve logistics and scheduling.

RoBIM is based in Edmonton, Alberta and pursuing global markets. It was founded by an experienced multidisciplinary and international team and is now scaling its operations from technology development to business operations.

Project Administrator & Coordinator

Full Time | Edmonton

BIM Software Engineer

Full Time | Edmonton

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Full Time | Edmonton

Mechanical Desginer

Full Time | On-Site | Edmonton

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