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Robotics + Construction

Problem & Solution

Construction is a global trillion-dollar industry but facing many challenges. Labour shortages are widespread and getting worse due to demographics and margins are falling because of industry-wide inefficiencies and low technology adoption rates.

Yet, the demand for construction services is growing due to global trends such as urbanization and climate adaptation.  A multi-trillion dollar infrastructure gap is forecast in the coming decades as existing construction capacity cannot keep up with demand.

This is a growing global problem and RoBIM Technologies Inc. is providing a solution.


RoBIM is bringing robotics and automated fabrication capabilities to the construction site which will reduce the need for human labor; lower costs; and improve quality.

RoBIM’s solutions will drive industry-wide productivity gains and generate new value for contractors and project owners while making the industry more attractive to younger workers.

RoBIM's Platform

RoBIM offers a platform of software, hardware and processes to replicate the design, simulation and fabrication of components using robotics and fabrication for commercial and residential construction: RoBIM's four step solution includes:

  1. Simulation software that imports BIM designs and, in a virtual environment, automates the creation of robotic processes for fabricating components used in construction.

  2. Development and testing of physical fabrication processes to build these components when off-the-shelf solutions do not exist. These underlying capabilities are added to an ever- growing library of design and fabrication IP.

  3. Full production lines for customer use near or on construction sites and for short-run fabrication services offered directly by RoBIM.

  4. Multi-functional robotic fabrication modules that can be brought to or near construction sites that reduce the fixed costs of robotic fabrication and improve project logistics and scheduling.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Design, Planning & Simulation

X-Function Development

Design -> Modelling -> Simulation -> Robot Control


Sim-to-Real Testing | End-Effector Development | Material Handling

Stage 3

Off-Site Fabrication


Integration | Prototype, Short-Run & Volume Fabrication

Stage 4

On-Site Fabrication

Mobile, Modular, Low Fixed Cost
Fabrication Solutions

RoBIM's Offering

RoBIM reduces the friction between design and fabrication of construction components using robotics and automation.


Products & Services


Simulation Software

RoBIM's software simulation tools enables construction engineers to plan, simulate, and control an industrial robot arm. It features a virtual design and validation environment for a seamless link between design and robot control systems.


Fabrication Services

RoBIM's multi-functional fabrication facility offers customers fabrication services to deliver construction components that are compatible with robotic fabrication methods.


Comprehensive Robotic Fabrication Solutions

RoBIM offers customers standalone multi-functional production modules with the capabilities to fabricate a wide range of construction components.  RoBIM also partners with contractors and material providers in joint-venture fabrication projects.

RoBIM is seeking joint-venture use cases and currently working with its partners to fabricate panels for exterior building retrofits and internal wall systems.

Comprehensive Robotic Fabrication Solutions


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